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Are the shortened days, cold weather and flu season getting you down? Well beat those winter blah's with a huge dose of humor served up by the top shelf, unbelievably hilarious Kroll Show! It is a comedy sketch show starring Nick Kroll, Jenny Slate, Jon Daly, ‎Chelsea Peretti...I could go on, the list is extensive, and is basically the "who's who" of the very best comedians working right now.

Nick Kroll is like a chameleon‎ in the way he is able to morph himself into different characters. Regardless of age, gender, or social class, Nick Kroll is able to nail it every time. This show is the best time you can have indoors, above the sheets, bar none. So turn those winter frowns upside down and watch Kroll Show. All the cool kid's are doing it!

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