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The Sound of Music - Some Cool Facts

My movie pick this week is the musical Sound of Music. (I know, you're rolling your eyes to Heaven and trying not to barf) But hear me out!

We all know the story: a retired Austrian Naval Hero, who is widowed with 7 children, in need of a governess, hires a young woman who is studying to be a nun to look after his brood. (True fact: Maria only came to tutor 1 of the children, who had come down with Scarlet fever. Played by Louisa in the musical.) And it wasn't the outbreak of the Nazi occupation of Austria, it was in 1927 that they were married.

The musical takes some liberties: the father was actually a doting, loving father who was easy going, and it was MARIA who was strict and could be very volatile. Also, they didn't run from the Nazi's. They left, in full view of family and friends, on a train, and went to Italy. From there they moved to the United States.)

BUT!!!! This movie is BEAUTIFUL. If all you focussed on was the scenery you would still enjoy it. Gorgeous views of Salzburg and the surrounding lands are breathtaking. The music is top notch. And if it's been a while since you watched this film, keep your eyes of the precociousness of the children. It is fun from the opening to the end credits.

I know it's an oldie, and I know you've seen it a hundred times‎, but I recommend Sound of Music for what ails you this New Year's week. Happy New Year FOF'ers!!


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