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Truly Madly Deeply Missed

It has been one of the saddest weeks in entertainment I have witnessed in ages. Many stars have faded away - actors William Needles from Stratford who was in a 1961 production of “Macbeth” opposite Sean Connery and Zoe Caldwell; Brian Bedford, who was in 1995 film “Nixon.” And who can ever forget his priceless portrayal of Lady Bracknell in 2011's “The Importance of Being Ernest.”

I was lucky to see that onstage as well.

We also lost Alan Rickman who brought author J.K. Rowling's Professor Severus Snape to life. His pronunciation of Harry Pot...ter, was priceless. Other great roles include Rasputin (1996), Sense and Sensibility (1995), Love Actually (2003), Snow Cake (2006), CBGB (2013), Galaxy Quest (1999).

And of course.. Truly, Madly Deeply. This film is currently out of print, and very pricey to buy at present, but hopefully, it will now be re-leased. Because his character of Jamie is one of Alan Rickman's most unforgettable.

And then … David Bowie.

This was surreal. Because we will never see the like of him again. And every incarnation was just as fascinating as the last one from 70's glam god Ziggy Stardust to the chilling but elegant finality of Lazarus on Blackstar.

No one knew that it was to be his last album, that he was telling the world good bye as only he could.

David Bowie's film roles were also many.

From The Man Who to Earth (1976), The Hunger, (1983), Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (1983),

Basquiat (1996), and so many more as actor and also performer.

The Man Who Fell to Earth has ascended to another dimension. He leaves the world an incredible legacy both in music, and in film. My heart was twice shattered this week. I truly, madly deeply, passionately, will miss all of these remarkable artists … Coral

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