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The Martian - A True Test of The Human Spirit

My movie pick this week is "The Martian"‎ starring Matt Damon. What a wonderful, poignant, and at times terrifying movie. It is a true test of the human spirit when someone rises above their predicament (whatever it may be. Monumental or every day things. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going") and meets their challenges head on. This movie is all that and more.

It follows the struggle of an astronaut who is stranded on Mars and must find a way to survive. I am not a fan of movies that don't take place on earth, in fact my first question any time I even think a movie might be in space is: "is there earth?. Does earth exist in this movie?". My motto is: Outer space is none of my business. This "outer space" movie had me glued to my seat for over 2 hours. Sometimes the force of will is all man has. And "The Martian" has this in spades.

Sometimes we watch a movie and our perception changes. Even if the shift is minimal, getting people to examine their way of thinking is one of the ways the medium of cinema can be life changing. "The Martian" gave me pause to consider that problems can seem insurmountable, but just start by solving one of them. Then once that is taken care of, solve the next, until you see a way out. ‎This movie is what movies should be; entertaining, mesmerizing, and some times character building. 100 out of a 100.


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